one smallbutterfly gets the job done!

About Us

One Small Butterfly Caps are handmade Chemo Caps that you can soon order online on our online shop. We hope One Small Butterfly (OSB) will soon be sold at some Rhode Island Hospitals, and other shops around. We are currently selling at Jerilyns Sewing School for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.Our Chemo Caps are sold in two different sizes, Small for kids and Large for adults. If you want to buy a cap with a specific print on it you can simply email us your request and we can see if we can  make it work for you.  

Our goals are to spread cancer awareness by selling caps, and we hope that they are going to spread from just a small online shop, to Rhode Island Hospitals, to other hospitals in need of caps to sell. Another goal of ours is to make chemo caps more stylish for people to wear and more kid friendly

What Are Chemo Caps?

Chemo Caps are hats intended for wear by a cancer patient who is losing, or has lost, his or her hair due to chemotherapy treatments.  


Our great aunt had fought cancer and won since our mother was in high school, but during the summer of 2017 she was suddenly back in the hospital and not doing well. When we were told what was happening our older sister Caroline had already printed off some patterns for her teacher who had been fighting cancer, but this time added "Make Aunty a chemo cap" to her summer bucket list. A little time passed and suddenly our aunt had passed away and Caroline never got to make her a cap. I (Elizabeth) came up with an idea to start a business that sells chemo caps to people going threw chemo therapy. Our mother came up with the idea to use one of her favorite things and name the business One Small Butterfly, and Alexandra, our social media and business manager told me she knew how to make a website and wanted to run all the social media accounts, now we work together to help and share positivity to all the people who are battling cancer.